A Creator Economy

Crafting a Strong, Lasting, Successful Partnership Between Brands and Creators.

A Creator Economy

As a result of the seemingly unending, ever-rising popularity of social media, creators and influencers have led to a creator economy. Brands have followed in line, hiring creators to market their products and services to their millions of followers.

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However, it isn’t as easy as finding a creator with a lot of followers and asking them to promote your product. Different influencers have individual brands, meaning that if they promote something outside of their personal brand it will not have the same impact as an influencer who is promoting something that makes since to their followers.

The Phoenix knows what it takes to craft a strong, lasting, successful partnership. Pairing with the right creators could make or break your campaign and finding them isn’t something that happens instantly. It takes research, knowledge of the influencer field and innovative ideas to craft a successful brand-creator relationship.

As important as it is to focus on partnering with creators that match your brand, so is giving that relationship time to develop. Working with an influencer once may bring more traffic and recognition to your brand, but it won’t necessarily last. Creating a long-term partnership allows them and their followers to get used to the brand promotion and gives the audience several opportunities to see what you’re offering.

Furthermore, it allows for fine-tuning: discovering what your audience likes and dislikes, creating a sort of rough outline of how to engage them. An important note is that micromanaging influencers can often have a negative effect, so partnering with influencers should be more of a collaboration.

The Phoenix knows that the balance of engaging the audience with relevant content while keeping things natural is an important part of marketing in an influencer economy. Research, insights and distinct KPIs all must be accurately measured and appropriately acted upon in order to ensure a successful campaign.