What We Do


THE PHOENIX provides a bespoke approach to campaign strategy

We wield the power of actionable insights, gleaned from consumer exploration, analysis of qualitative and quantitative data and our intimate understanding of the specific Brand objectives. We design tailored programs that connect Brands with their consumers’ passions in the following areas

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Brand Strategy

Iconic, Strategic, Focused.

We have broad expertise in iconic brand architecture. Our team leverages consumer insights to assemble actionable strategic plans and design campaigns to help our clients meet and exceed short, mid and long-term objectives.

Brand Development
  • Brand Essence
  • Brand Identity
  • Visual Representation
Insight Mining
  • Macro Industry & Trends
  • Market Analysis
  • Focus Groups
  • Influencer Panels
  • In-Person/Online Discussions
  • AI Insights
Brand Planning & Implementation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Marketing Campaign Design
  • Tactical Planning & Execution
  • Training & Optimization
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Impactful, Authentic, Unique.

THE PHOENIX designs programs with content generation in mind to deliver a continuous flow of rich and relevant content that maximizes the depth of the consumer relationship.
We leverage strategic alliances and influencer partners to drive awareness through effective earned and owned media strategies that increase reach and engagement well beyond physical boundaries.

Digital Marketing
  • Website Design
  • Email Campaigns
  • Social Media
  • Mobile App Design
Content Creation
  • Content Strategy
  • Ad Production
  • Photography & Videography
  • Print & Digital Collateral
Influencer Partnerships
  • Live Events
  • Branded Content
  • Social Media Engagement
PR & Media
  • Traditional Media
  • Emerging Digital Platforms
  • Earned Media & PR
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Inmersive, Emotional, Awe-inspiring.

We design immersive brand experiences that ignite passion and heighten the emotional connection between consumers and the Brand. We create awe-inspiring, live activations and leverage partnerships that weave the Brand into the fabric of the consumers’ lifestyle.
We also know that Brand success is not only driven by engaging consumers. THE PHOENIX develops and implements impactful change management programming among employees and trade partners that inspires brand advocacy

Consumer Activation
  • 1:1 Consumer Engagement
  • Retail Activations
  • Pop-up Activations & Events
  • Mobile Tours & Festivals
Strategic Alliances
  • Brand Partnerships
  • Sponsorship Identification
  • Product Placement
Internal & Partner Activation
  • Employee Training
  • Engagement Programs
  • Corporate Events
  • Contingent Workforce Solutions