Advertising and the Super Bowl

The Greatest Ads of the Year.

Advertising and the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is the biggest marketing event of the year. In 2022 over 99 million viewers in the United States tuned in to watch the game. 30 second commercial slots were at a record high, coming in at $6.5 million each, a $1 million increase from 2021. This year, that record has already been broken, with the FOX network selling slots for over $7 million.

Each year, Super Bowl ads give the viewers and marketers a look at the agenda of major companies for the upcoming year. In 2022, much of the advertising was centered around sustainability through automakers’ shift to the production of electric cars. For the last several years, the Super Bowl has also set the tone of advertising to different generational audiences. Though Super Bowl ads have always been famously unique, advertisers must consistently step up their game to emotionally connect with audiences and create something new and memorable – whether it be the introduction of a completely new idea (the Doritos commercial dance-off of 2020), or by using references of shared memories to form a connection with the viewers (such as the Timothée Chalamet Cadillac commercial of 2021).

That said, a well-thought-out commercial during the Super Bowl does not necessarily guarantee an acceptable return on investment. There are approximately one hundred companies competing to have the most engaging and memorable spot, and each has hired or contracted the best and brightest talent in hopes of creating an ad that will be remembered for years to come.

At The Phoenix, we understand that to stand out among the crowded, saturated fields, it is imperative that brand marketers leverage audiences creatively to make a meaningful connection. This is why we remain committed to Reimagining Boundaries and Redefining Convention. This is especially crucial as marketers must do everything possible to get the desired return on a pretty significant Super Bowl investment.

Here our top 3 suggestions for marketing in the Super Bowl:

1. Involving the Viewers

Involving the crowd and viewers to create an interactive experience is a great way to create a memorable experience. This can take many forms: from creating interactive ads during the game, to holding contests or even giving viewers the chance to be involved in the creation of the commercial from the beginning.

2. Choosing your Audience Wisely

Although every relevant audience should be considered, focusing attention on younger viewers can increase the chances of the ad going viral, which can do wonders for your brand. Creative incorporation of social media trends and involving celebrities that are relevant to young Millennial and Gen Z audiences are both ways to increase the possibility of virality.

3. Launching a Campaign

Using the Super Bowl to continue or launch a long-term campaign is an effective approach to ensure continued results. Ensuring continuity by revisiting the initial communication in a similar, but not the same, fashion can help to reinforce the message while preventing overselling to the audience.

Follow up with us after the Super Bowl to see our perspective on who managed to stand out from the crowd, and to discuss the agenda of key brands for the upcoming year.