Encouraging Volunteerism Can Improve Employee Performance

Making a Positive Impact: How Encouraging Volunteerism Enriches Your Employees and Your Business.

Encouraging Volunteerism Can Improve Employee Performance

National Volunteer Month is celebrated every April in the United States to recognize and encourage volunteerism in the country. It is a time for individuals and companies alike to appreciate the work of volunteers, promote volunteer opportunities, and inspire more people to get involved in their communities. It wasn’t until the early 20th century that organized volunteering reached its peak. National Volunteer Week debuted in the United States in 1974 and was revered by the general public. Since then, National Volunteer Month, an extension to the already-established National Volunteer Week, has been celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm every April.

Many organizations and charities host events and activities during April to encourage volunteer participation. Advocating volunteerism in your workforce can impact production and morale, improve teamwork, enhance skills development and improve mental health. The Phoenix team benefits from an intentionally crafted PTO (Paid Time Off) policy which easily allows time for the entire workforce to experience the many benefits of volunteering, enabling us to make a positive impact in our communities, gain new skills and experiences, meet new people and feel a sense of purpose and fulfillment outside of our everyday work experiences.

Below are just two examples of how some companies have organized events and activities in the past.

Target: Target has a program called Target Volunteers, which offers employees paid time off to volunteer at nonprofits of their choice. During National Volunteer Month, Target encourages its employees to take advantage of this program and participate in service projects in their communities. Target also organizes team-building activities, such as assembling care packages for local shelters.

Google: Google has a program called Google Serve, which is a company-wide initiative that encourages employees to volunteer in their communities. During National Volunteer Month, Google organizes service projects and donation drives and offers a special grant program for nonprofits that employees are passionate about.

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Companies may have different initiatives and approaches based on their size, industry and culture, but the goal is the same: to encourage employees to give back to their communities, make a positive impact and enhance their work-life balance.