Celebrating Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders Every Day

How brands can acknowledge Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

How brands can acknowledge Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

May is Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Every year it is an opportunity to highlight AAPI voices and celebrate AAPI culture. The Phoenix believes in celebrating our world’s cultural diversity, and the differences that make each of us unique. We consider ourselves an ally and support the AAPI community by baking Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging into our company’s culture.

At The Phoenix, we believe that if brands are interested in supporting the culture and their achievements, it should be for 365 days a year – not just for a month. Brands need to go beyond just slogans and marketing messages that just preach solidarity but actually take action. This commitment needs to be weaved into all aspects of their business and become part of the fabric of a brand’s culture.

The support for the Asian American and Pacific Islander community will only come across as genuine if the words are followed by action. If the brand wants to be authentic, then looking inward is a good place to start. Does your brand have Asian-identifying employees? Do they permeate throughout the business and hold leadership roles? Has your brand donated money to BIPOC-organizations? These are the types of questions brands should ask themselves if they want to be considered an ally to the community.

Here are a few ways a brand can show its support for the AAPI community.


While we do our best to celebrate all of the national holidays, you have to ensure that the days your brand is celebrating are inclusive, not exclusive. For example, it is normal to celebrate Independence Day (July 4th) and not realize that this doesn’t apply to all Americans. These types of posts don’t have to be removed from your calendar, but you should take time to ensure your marketing efforts recognize support and celebrate all audiences to respect the experiences of marginalized communities.


Having individuals with diverse backgrounds at all levels of the company leads to enhanced innovation, creativity, holistic decision-making, problem-solving, and ultimately a stronger and more well-rounded team. Workplace belonging is good for business and Inclusion has never been more important. You should strive to create an atmosphere where all team members are celebrated by ensuring that all cultural holidays are recognized, differences are applauded, beliefs are respected and diverging opinions are heard and incorporated into conversations.


Standing up for AAPI communities is not a marketing moment for the month. It is about doing the right thing. Donating your time and financial support is a great way to support a cause. Here are some organizations that could use your help fighting for the AAPI community:

AAPI Community Fund
Asian Pacific Fund COVID-19 Recovery Fund
Asian Mental Health Collective
National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance

Celebrating cultural moments, such as AAPI Heritage Month, should be at the forefront of your marketing strategy and would show support to your employees and customers that belong to the community. It is important to note that your communication has to match your actions in order to be viewed as a real ally to the AAPI community.

If your brand needs help integrating DEI&B into your corporate communication strategy, see what The Phoenix can do for you.