Brands Need a Rapid Actionable Insights Network

Why Brands Should Leverage a Combination of Quantitative and Qualitative Inputs to Provide a Better Consumer Experience.

Brands Need a Rapid Actionable Insights Network

Savvy marketers continue emphasizing the importance of all sorts of quantitative data to improve decision-making for large and mid-size companies. On July 12, there is an opportunity to learn more about how to find and leverage data to improve the consumer experience on this webinar sponsored by AdAge.

The Phoenix believes in and leverages hard data to optimize the consumer experience. However, at The Phoenix, we combine hard data with insights obtained from our proprietary tool: The Market Fingerprint to help brand partners optimize the relevance and fit of their initiatives and maximize their return on investment. The Market Fingerprint helps brands achieve a deeper understanding of local markets and the consumer segments that comprise them. This tool allows us to effectively navigate the significant diversity that exists not only between markets but also within each individual market.

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