Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Recognizing the Many Contributions of a Diverse Population.

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month, a 30-day observance from September 15th to October 15th, is both a celebration of Hispanic and Latinx Americans, as well as a show of recognition for the valuable contributions that generations these talented people have made to American society.

This month-long commemoration actually began as Hispanic Heritage Week in 1968. The week intentionally included September 15th and 16th marking the days of Independence for several countries (Costa Rica, Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Honduras) while also being relatively close to Chile’s Independence Day (September 18th). In 1988, the idea of turning Hispanic Heritage Week into a month-long recognition was brought forth. The start date was kept as the 15th to continue the historical precedent of recognizing Independence days.

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At The Phoenix, we are committed to recognizing the value of diversity; and we believe that Hispanic Heritage Month is an important celebration of the incredible impact that these Americans have made on our collective history and culture.