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Reflections from a Phoenix Team Member

The Phoenix Culture

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When I joined The Phoenix team, I was amazed at the diverse group of motivated, professional and skilled designers and strategists who “work hard and play hard”. We value hard work, dedication, and outstanding results and enjoy ourselves throughout the process.

I think The Phoenix is unique because at The Phoenix, critique, feedback, and new ideas are not only accepted, they are celebrated. The driving force behind our stellar work is the ideation, creativity, innovation and collaboration that takes place amongst the members of the team. There is no such thing as a bad idea or suggestion; they are all discussed and examined, and that is how we create the best design results. As a new intern this is refreshing. There is no such thing as being too new or inexperienced to offer feedback on someone else’s work (who may be a lot more experienced than you are). Not only is there no such thing, but each person’s feedback is welcomed and appreciated. I think that this is one of the (many) outstanding qualities that makes The Phoenix an award-winning agency, an inviting place to work and talented team I am proud to be a part of.

In my opinion, The Phoenix is an agency of the future. We operated in a remote workspace long before everyone else did, not out of necessity because of current health crisis, but because we recognized the value of good work and talent. The Phoenix strives to find the best designers to join our team and we therefore do not limit ourselves to one geographical location. We have designers all over the world and each designer brings their unique talents and skills to the team. Our talented group of diverse designers are the driving force in our creation of award-winning deliverables, on time, every time and on brand, every day.