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Creative Intentions: Brand Development, Strategic Planning and Corporate Identity

Leveraging The Phoenix’s process for effective Brand Strategy and unique Visual Identity

Creative Intentions: Brand Development, Strategic Planning and Corporate identity

Creative Intentions delivers personal advancement services to individuals and communities in need. Inspired by personal and professional experiences, the Creative Intentions team believes that education is the greatest weapon to drive change eliminate inequalities, reduce poverty and build families and communities. Through customized and results-based career development curriculums, Creative Intentions aims to drive long-term success for all to thrive and live a fulfilling life.

The Phoenix was selected by Creative Intentions to provide Brand Development and Strategic Planning services, and to design and implement the Brand’s Visual Representation.

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The Phoenix always approaches Brand Strategy from the same vantage point to ensure our clients maximize relevance to customers and stakeholders, inspire loyalty and convey the ethos of their Brand. For Creative Intentions, The Phoenix conducted our patented Brand Development process which yielded valuable insights that informed the work and ongoing opportunities. The Brand Strategy workshops helped to establish Creative Intentions’ Vision, Mission, and Visual Representation.

The Phoenix Strategy and Design teams worked in collaboration with Creative Intentions’ key stakeholders to develop the Brand’s visual identity, including color palette and iconography. The Creative Intentions logo includes a simple yet elegant layout that uniquely connects the unique design with the Brand’s Vision and Mission.